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More candidates, less bonus points


About 9.75 million candidates will sit for the exam this year, 350,000 more than last year, according to the Ministry of Education.


The ministry said in March that it would eliminate some preferential provisions that award bonus points to some students' total score, as part of its effort to promote a more fair and scientific selection process.


A student waves to her family as she prepares to enter a Beijing exam center to take part in the Gaokao on June 7

According to the statement, no bonus points will be awarded for exceptional sports ability, winning academic Olympiads or science and technology competitions, being named "provincial-level excellent students" or honored for "righteous and courageous deeds".


Previously, students with top performance in athletics or science were awarded up to 20 points on their total score, although some provinces had already canceled such provisions under a notice issued by the ministry four years ago.


Reforms of the enrollment process


Enrollment process will be streamlined in many places this year. Key universities and others will be combined into the same round of enrollment to provide more choices for different students. Tianjin, Guangdong and Liaoning will adopt the reforms this year, after the practice was put into place in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong and Hainan.


New majors for the age of intelligence


There will be 2,311 new majors to choose this year, many of which are oriented toward science and technology's new front - big data and artificial intelligence.


Around 250 colleges will set up courses on "data science and big data technology" and around 60 colleges will add "robotic engineering" as a new major.


Cyberspace security is also a new option in this year's major selection.


Ban on publicity of top scorers


In recent years, over-emphasis or even hype of the top scorers and highest enrollment rate received negative reviews. This year, the ministry stressed its firm stance of banning the practice before the exam.


According to a notice published on its official website, violators would be punished severely.


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